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  • Emerging Issues and Development in International Trade Ed. 1
    Ion Exchange - Studies and Applications

    This scopes of this book include International trade, Role of different National and International economic organisations in the global economy, Interaction between global markets and trade, Execution options, Liquidity issues, Trading platforms, Implications of globalisation on markets and trade, Multilateral, Regional, and Bilateral trade negotiations. Articles are also invited in the current research on Anti-dumping and Unfair trade practices issues, WTO and its policies, FDI and the International Economics, Exchange Rates and Currency fluctuations, Impact of Government policies on international trade and Management issues.

  • Current Perspective to Economics and Management Ed. 1
    Ion Exchange - Studies and Applications

    This book invites articles with valuable insight into emerging research, ideas and strategies of Economics and Management. The study areas include Policies and Strategies of economics, Macro and Micro-economics, Fiscal policies and Regulations, International Economics, Econometrics and Experimental Economics, Philosophy of Economics, Law and Economics, Political economy and Natural resource economics. The scope also covers Emerging trends in the areas of general Business management, Accounting management, Communication management, Cost and Financial management, Disaster management, Customer relationship, Public administration, Human resource management and Social entrepreneurship, Statistics and Econometrics, Organizational Studies, Leadership and Teambuilding, Personnel and Corporate relations, Marketing theory and applications, Management information systems, International management and Operational research.