Current Topics in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2

Dr. Sachin Kumar Jain, (Editor)
Associate Professor, IPS Academy College of Pharmacy, India.

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Dr. Sachin Kumar Jain




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July 27, 2020

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Sachin Kumar Jain

IPS Academy College of Pharmacy, India

This book covers key areas of medicine and medical science and other related fields. The contributions by the authors include acute myocardial infarction, ST segment elevation, neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio, left ventricular ejection fraction, cervical incompetence, innovative method of re-tightening, loose cerclage stitch, glycogen, endometrium, primary infertility, probiotics, atopic dermatitis, dermatophytosis, autonomic neuroscience, HRV analysis, Ken Ware Neuro Physics Therapy (NPT), facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, ANS dysfunction, muscular dystrophy, brain synchronization analysis, surface electromyography, EEG, eye health, brain-waves, Nanos2, RBM5, amyloid precursor protein, DYNLT1, antioxidant effects, α–amylase, and α–glucosidase, Cissus polyantha, Chilaiditi syndrome, intestinal obstruction, respiratory distress, acquired causes, sulforaphane, clinically-relevant nutraceutical, prevention and treatment, aliphatic isothiocyanate, hypertensive patients, Trans catheter aortic valve implantation, monitored anesthesia care, dexmitidomidine etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of medicine and medical science.


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