Progress in Language, Literature and Education Research Vol. 5

Prof. (Dr.) Ana Pedro
University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.

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Prof. (Dr.) Ana Pedro




B P International



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978-81-970187-5-6 (Print)
978-81-970187-3-2 (eBook)


February 08, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Prof. (Dr.) Ana Pedro

University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.

This book covers key areas of language, literature and education research. The contributions by the authors include online synchronous classes, philosophical perspectives, Covid-19 pandemic, philosophy of deontology, Sandburg’s inspiration, chicago poems, political radicalism, cultural core, linguistic environment, second language acquisition, topographical barriers, L2 learner language, virtual simulation, quality clinical experiences, pedagogical practices, nursing education, teaching german, professional skills, modern learning theories, motivation, school experiences, learning environment, hidden curriculum, social toxins, democratic principles, inequalities, violence, colonial and apartheid policies, exploitation and discrimination, patriarchal social systems, dominated social systems, female characters, reading skills, quality education, reading promotion strategy, literacy bags, free voluntary reading, storytelling, vaxo technique, initial reachability matrix, final reachability matrix, interpretive structural modeling, financial literacy, digital financial services, budget, unified payment interface, ubiquitous learning, computers and wireless networks, cognitive characteristics, information and communication technologies. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and academicians in the field of language, literature and education research.