The Universe, Planets, Nature, Science and Humanity: Developments and Vision

M. B. Dastagiri
Principal Scientist, ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad, Telangana 500030, India.

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M. B. Dastagiri




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978-93-90516-68-1 (Print)
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Nov 19, 2020

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M. B. Dastagiri

ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad- 500030, India.

The sharing of knowledge, debate, discussions, and consensus based on their evidences and perceptions among them on the universe origin is a big task. New Economics deal the economic driver of industrialization of moon and colonization of mars. New Economics that bridges economics opportunities and Inter planetary space colonization which is imperative for extra-terrestrial life and prosperity. The book focuses on global finance climate, impact of climate change and adaptation strategies and fore see various mitigation measures to protect from climate change on global agriculture. The knowledge on inventions and discoveries by Academics, Researchers, Professors, Doctors, Intellectuals, Specialists, Sages, Dons co and mankind is very important for everyone to predict the future generation necessities. The book describes the new revolutionary inventions awarded will fuel other researchers to build many achievements in a Universe. This book is more relevant as it simplifies the existence of universe, colonization of Mars and Moon for the understanding of a common man, financial climate change, environmental manipulations over a period, which effects mostly on agriculture, eminent scholars existing in different fields, Nobel prize laureate’s dominance in especially four nations such as USA, UK, Germany and France while advocating the research community.


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