Category: Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Advances and Trends in Agricultural Sciences

The scope of this book series includes all Advances and Trends in Agricultural Sciences. This book series will cover areas

Recent Advances in Biological Research

This book brings together recent works that have recently been made in the dynamic fields of biological science. It covers

Current Research in Agriculture and Horticulture

This book invites articles on all aspects of Agriculture, Arboriculture, Olericulture, Pomology, Viticulture, Oenology, Floriculture, Turf management including all aspects

Advances in Agriculture and Fisheries Research

This book aims to publish articles on theoretical and empirical studies related to Aquaculture, Aquaculture Engineering, Husbandry & Management, Nutrition,

New Perspectives in International Plant and Soil Research

This book aims to publish novel research about fundamental and applied aspects of Soil science as well as traditional aspects of

New Perspectives in Agriculture and Crop Science

This book will publish basic and applied research on topics related to Agronomy, Ecology, Grassland management, the production science of