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We would be highly obliged to you, if you kindly share your publication experience (technical support, responsiveness, etc). Kindly don’t hesitate to write if your experience is negative. Your feedback (positive/negative) will be very important for the development of this organisation.

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196 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with Bookpi organization. With a great and sincere service for nominal charges, the organization provides an excellent platform for recognition of hardwork and achievements of the medical professionals, worldwide. Wishing a huge success to this organization. Cheers!

  2. I profusely thank Editor, Dr Mandal and Madam Ruma Bag for their technical expertise in editing and publishing my book. They are very prompt and highly cooperative. They deserve high compliments. I wish them and their organization in future endeavor.

  3. I am very grateful to Ms. Ruma Bag for attention and promptness in dealing, as well as the Editor Dr. Dharmesh Chandra Sharma for successful corrections in the construction of the text of our Chapter.
    I would like to wish more attention when typing, because in the first edition there were a lot of blank spaces, merged words. But it seems to me that this has already been taken into account, because after that everything was very carefully corrected.
    Health and prosperity!

  4. Dear Sir/Madam. Thank you for the invitation and for publishing my Chapter in your Book. Dear Ms. Bag thank you for all your help and attention. Congratulations to the whole team of Book Publisher International for another achievement.

  5. I’m Ms. Kusmiati from InaCC- Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). My deep thanks to the book publishers international for inviting me to contribute my research work into a book chapter. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Ruma Bag, who encouraged me to complete the manuscript. I am pleased to have useful guidance from the team, and the book is published. Many thanks to Dr. Syed A.A.Rizvy as Editor “Trends in Pharmaceutical Research and Development” Vol. 4 (2020).

  6. I am very happy and grateful to the book publishers international for inviting us to contribute article for the book. And the team is well organized and it was an excellent publication process from start to finish of the chapter in the book.

  7. I am very grateful for publishing my work. I feel fulfilled. Your response and editorial versatility is amazing. You have done creditably well. Thanks a million times!

  8. I am very happy and proud to be able to publish this book. I feel that what I have been working on so far has produced results that can be enjoyed by all interested people. Thank you for the opportunity given to me

  9. Thank you very much for the publication of book chapter 4 in Current Research Trends in Biological Science Vol.4. It is a good opportunity to report a part of our research programs and a great positive experience for us. I would like to say a special thanks to Ms. Ruma Bag for her kind cooperation and support.

  10. Thank you very much for the publication of the book chapter 4 in Current Research Trends in Biological Science Vol.4. It is a great positive experience for us. In this publication, we describe mapping of QTLs underlying race-nonspecific resistance to rice blast and map-based cloning of one of the QTLs with special focus on durability of resistance genes to rice blast pathogen. Please contact me if you ask about our research programs. Finally, special thanks to Ms. Ruma Bag for kind cooperation.

  11. Thank you Book Published International for giving me the opportunity to be an author for this book. I also very much thankful to the whole editorial team of Book Published International for selecting me as a contributor.

  12. Thank you so much for the publication. But i request you to kindly send me the complete book including cover page in which my book chapter is published. This is very important because the same i have to share with my organisation. Thanking you in anticipation

  13. Thanks to the Publishers for the professional attitude . Right from the first information the team kept me updated regarding the publication process. The team was helpful in assisting with my queries. Was an excellent experience. Looking forward to contribute in the future.

  14. Thank you so much for publishing my Research Work as Book Chapter in your reputed publication.
    I have Positive experience with the publication process.

  15. Thank you for publishing our work as a book chapter in Current Topics in Medicine. I appreciate the support of the team and i am grateful of our useful and productive communication. It was a great experience and i am looking forward to our future works with you.

  16. My experience with the publication procedure was very positive.Thank you for the published book chapter.

  17. All right, just one important thing, books should be Scopus indexed so they have academic value. You should work for it.

  18. Thank yo for publishing my work ‘Castorbean Plant (Ricinus communis) Performance and Soil Physico-chemical Properties as Affected by Mulching and Nitrogenous Soil Ammendments in Southern Nigeria’ as a book chapter. it was a pleasant experience working with ‘Book Publisher International’. i look forward to further works with you. Thanks.

    1. Very commendable work. Rapid and very competent. I will always recommend for anyone who deserves high quality manuscript publication.
      Please keep it on.

  19. Thanks a lot to BOOK PUBLISHER INTERNATIONAL for the opportunity given to me to expand my published paper into a book chapter. The communication was great at all times and the response was also quick.

  20. Thank you for publishing our research on ‘Vitamin D and VEGF serum levels association with adult-onset diabetes complications’ as a book chapter in Current Topics in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.4.
    I have to acknowledge the outstanding cooperation with Ms. Ruma Bag that helped this effort been accomplished successfully!

  21. I am happy and grateful to book publisher international for the inviting me to contribute to the book. I would like to express my special and deep thanks to the Book Publisher International. I appreciate the efforts of the team , Working with the organization is a great learning experience for me, and I am looking for publishing more books in the recant future.
    Best Regards to all team.

  22. The formatting of my publications was not simple (including a gif-animation), but the editors found always a way to realize it in the short-term. I am very grateful and I donate my author’s preference-paying-fee to the team. I wish you much success also in fiuture.

  23. Thank you for supporting me in publishing the book chapter in your BPI.
    I appreciated the way you projected my Bibliography.

  24. Really it’s Excellent idea in the scientific community, that the publisher share benefits with authors.

  25. My experience with the publication procedure was very positive.
    I am especially impressed with the work of the editorial team who work professionally, quickly and very helpful during the editorial process. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to upgrade my academic profile,

  26. I’m Prof. Dr. Marcelo Murguia from Argentina. I’m so much happy and grateful to the book publishers international for inviting me to contribute my research work for the book. It was a very good experience. I extend my appreciation to the team for showing interest and making it success to publish research work. In future also I want to contribute some book and book chapters from various research field.
    Thank you so much!

  27. We are honored to learn that our article has been compiled into the book collection and has been published. We believe that book publisher provided readers with great convenience for obtaining the latest advances in science and technology, and has made very meaningful contributions to the scientific community. Sincere thanks to the editors and members of the editorial board! Especially Ms. Ruma Bag.

  28. Dear editor
    I am thankful for approaching me to publish my research as a book chapter.In the entire process of publication your response is amazing.

  29. I was impressed by the quality of the produced work, by the efficiency of the editorial process and by the professionalism of all the team of BPI. I can witness this as I am myself en editor of scientific journals and e-books. In encourage colleague to share their books and publications with BPI.

  30. Thank you so much for the publication. It is laudable achievement by Book Publisher International for the collection of research works in book format.

  31. Many thanks for publishing Oleksiy Dovgoshey’s and my article “Bi-Lipschitz Mappings and Quasinearly Subharmonic Functions: Advanced Study” as a chapter in the book “Recent Studies in Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol. 3”. Thank you also for all your friendly help to us during the publication process!

    1. It was eminence pleasure to work with book publisher international. This phase gave me an ample opportunity to get full support and cooperation during the publication. I extent my acknowledge and thanks to the publisher for making it possible.

    2. We are most thakful to the Book Publisher International¨s team for working with us in the publication of our work.
      It has been a very pleasant experience for the platform used to charge the files is friendly and very easy to use and at the mean time the willingness of the team is excellent

    3. Our experience with the editor during the covid-19 period of editing our book chapter was indeed cordial and encouraging. We are great full for the privilege and opportunity to include our research work to the latest published book on finger vein biometric which will change the way we e-transact in the nearest future.
      We say Thank you to all that was involved on this book.
      Ms Ruma you are not left out.

    4. I am thankful for publishing my article “Flummoxing paradox of tuberculous pleural effusion” as book chapter in “Current topics in medicine and medical research”.The journey from submission till publication has been smooth and pleasant.I would like to contribute in future too.
      With regards
      Dr Sushil Upadhyay

  32. I thankful and grateful to book publisher international team for publishing my research work as a book chapter. The publication process, peer reviewing process was very nice. I appreciate your work.

  33. Publication process is good. I appreciate the peer-review process. Thank you so much for all supports and assistance.

  34. Publication process is excellent. I appreciate the peer-review process. Thank you so much for all supports and assistance.

  35. I am extremely grateful to Book Publisher International for inviting me to present Book Chapters. I am specially thankful to the excellent Team of the publisher, the kind the cooperation given to the authors and also the dedication, speed, accuracy, efficiency cte. maintained in order to cultivate a productive output.

  36. Thank you so much. I am very happy and grateful to the book publisher. All the best to the team. Good work.

  37. Dear editor and Team members, I had a great experience with your collaboration. I am completely satisfied with your work and the way you responded to the queries. Thank you for publication of my book chapter . All the Best.

  38. Thank you for the published book chapter. You have my compliments for a good job well done. Thank you for rapid publication

  39. The book contains very good research articles.
    Congratulate all authors who contributed their articles in this book. Also, appreciate the Editors for editing this chapters and their hard work for its publication.
    Thanks and Best wishes.

  40. I would like to thank Ms. Ruma Bag very much for the clear and well-coordinated work of the editorial team and also to acknowledge her efforts in responding promptly to