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Advances and Trends in Agricultural Sciences

The scope of this book series includes all Advances and Trends in Agricultural Sciences. This book series will cover areas like Precision Agriculture, Agricultural biotechnology, Agricultural chemistry, Agricultural diversification, Agricultural education, Agricultural economics, Agricultural engineering, Agricultural geography, Agricultural philosophy, Agricultural marketing, Agricultural soil science, Agroecology, Agrophysics, Animal science (Animal breeding, Animal husbandry, Animal nutrition, Farm management), Agronomy (Botany, Theoretical production ecology, Horticulture, Plant breeding, Plant fertilization), Aquaculture, Biological engineering (Agricultural Genetic engineering), Nematology, Agricultural Microbiology, Plant pathology, Range management, Agricultural Environmental science, Agricultural Entomology, Food science (Human nutrition), Irrigation and water management, Soil science (Agrology), Waste management, Weed science, Agricultural extension & Rural Sociology, Plantation crops, Spices and condiments, Forestry, Sericulture, Pisciculture, Apiculture, etc.