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Current Trends in Food Science

This book welcomes recent studies on Human nutrition, Food safety and toxicology (food toxicants, food pathogens, food contaminants and their effects on nutrition, microbial food safety, mycotoxins, Toxicological risk assessment, safety evaluation of novel foods and biotechnologically derived products and inter-relationships between nutrition and toxicology), Food consumption, intake and exposure, Public health nutrition, Diet-related non-communicable diseases, Food security (hidden hunger, micronutrient fortification, approaches to overcome quantitative and qualitative nutritional insufficiencies, public-private partnerships, intervention strategies), Food engineering, Handling, Processing, Storage, Preservation, Contamination, Packaging and Sensory analysis. The scope also covers topics related basic clinical and applied research on different aspects of diet-related diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and related disorders involving biochemistry, physiology, genetics and nutrition as well as other molecular, metabolic, psychological and epidemiological related disorders.