B P International

New Perspectives in Agriculture and Crop Science

This book will publish basic and applied research on topics related to Agronomy, Ecology, Grassland management, the production science of all types of crops and resource plants, including Cropping systems, Sustainable agriculture, Environmental change, Post-harvest management, Biodiversity, Crop improvement, and recent advances in Physiology and Molecular biology. Also, the covered areas are related subjects in a wide range of sciences such as the Ecological and Physiological aspects of crop production and genetics, breeding, and Biotechnological approaches for crop improvement. Articles on Soil science, Plant Nutrition, Meteorology, Biometry, and Plant protection will also be considered as long as they are significantly related to crop production. The scopes also include the general and special science of abiotic plant stress like drought, including water-use efficiency, such as salinity, alkaline and acidic stress, extreme temperatures since heat, cold and chilling stress limit the cultivation of crops, flooding and oxidative stress, and means of restricting them.