B P International

New Perspectives in International Plant and Soil Research

This book aims to publish novel research about fundamental and applied aspects of Soil science as well as traditional aspects of soil biology, soil physics and soil chemistry across terrestrial ecosystems. The book welcomes chapters dealing with wider interactions of soils with the environment. Topics include, but are not limited to Carbon, Nutrient and other elemental cycling, Newly emerging fields and methods in soil science, Soil mapping and evaluation, Soil mechanics, Soil mineralogy, Soil tillage and management, Soil-borne pathogens, Soil–plant interactions, Soils and food security, Soils and global change, Soil–water relations, Plant–soil–microbe Interactions and feedbacks, Soil biodiversity, Soil fertility and plant nutrition, Soil genesis, Soil geography, Land degradation, reclamation, remediation and rehabilitation, Pedology, Terrestrial biogeochemistry, Terrestrial ecosystem ecology, and Threats to and protection of soils.