Akabane Test, Theory and Practice of Thermopuncture Diagnostics and Correction

Muzhikov Valery Gennadievich,
CEO “Med Byte LLC”, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Muzhikov Valery Gennadievich




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978-93-5547-723-1 (Print)
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July 22, 2022

About The Author / Editor

Muzhikov Valery Gennadievich

CEO "Med Byte LLC", St. Petersburg, Russia.

Almost 20 years have passed since the publication of our first book, “Introduction in Energoskopia of man”. During this period, we have accumulated a large clinical material and experience in developing a system of thermopuncture diagnostics, monitoring and correction of the human body based on new principles, which we invite you to familiarize yourself with in this new book.

Despite the enormous achievements of modern medicine, there are still many problems in it. Everyone knows the popular saying: “Everything new is a long forgotten old.” In this regard, it would be interesting to pay attention to the possibility of diagnosing and treating various diseases from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, which has existed for many hundreds of years and has accumulated vast experience in diagnosing and treating many diseases.

However, the complex concept of TCM and its archaic ancient ideas still hinder the perception of these achievements by Western doctors. In this regard, we tried to build bridges of mutual understanding between Western and Eastern medicine on the basis of a mathematical analysis of information that is understandable to everyone.

Using the data presented in this book, we have tried to prove that the acupuncture channel system is one of the oldest signaling systems in nature, the significance of which for humans has not yet been fully appreciated. Thus, in our opinion, based on the unique properties of this system in the regulation of the main processes in the body, in combination with modern technologies, it is possible to create many useful methods and devices for monitoring and correcting the body on new physical principles, combining the achievements of Eastern and Western medicine into a single whole.

In this book, we also tried to draw your attention to the great theoretical and practical importance of assessing symmetry breaking in the body at the level of bioenergetics, especially for the early diagnosis of diseases, which is still little understood by modern medicine. In the assessment of such disorders, acupuncture channels play a leading role, and the technique itself based on the Akabane test is simple and effective, including, for example, for individual assessment of the effects of drugs and various products, which can be important and useful for maintaining optimal life activity for each person. The system for predicting the functional state of the body based on the assessment of biorhythms at the level of individual organs and systems, developed and shown in the book, can also be of great practical importance. The novelty of these solutions is confirmed by 21 patents for inventions.

The book is based on the results of examinations and databases of several thousand patients with the Akabane test over 30 years of work with these devices. These data lend themselves to mathematical processing and are confirmed by the results of evidence-based medicine studies. I also express my deep gratitude to the mathematician E.V. Vershinina for help in data processing.

I hope that the information and methodological approach shown in the book will allow you to take a fresh look at a wide variety of diseases and find new alternative ways for their early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment using this simple and effective method of thermopuncture, accessible to everyone.


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