Chemical and Materials Sciences – Developments and Innovations Vol. 1

Prof. Akmal S. Gaballa
Zagazig University, Egypt.

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Prof. Akmal S. Gaballa




B P International



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978-81-973316-9-5 (Print)
978-81-973316-0-2 (eBook)


May 11, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Prof. Akmal S. Gaballa

Zagazig University, Egypt.

This book covers key areas of chemical and materials sciences. The contributions by the authors include aluminium nitride, moly-manganese process, scratch test, co-efficient of friction, liposomes, ultrasonic technology, small and large unilamellar vesicles, horn sonication, electrochemical method of dyeing, direct boardeux BW, direct sky-blue FB, voltametric redox behaviour, Mulliken atomic population, molecular electrostatic potential, piperidones, molecular docking, density functional theory, Zr-based metal–organic frameworks, fire protection, cotton fabric, DOPO, steel corrosion protection, bio based polymers and polyesters, anticorrosion, polymerization, chromium-containing compounds, calcium doping, photocatalytic degradation efficiency, LaMnO3, methylene blue, toxic dye wastewater, photocatalytic degradation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and academicians in the field chemical and materials sciences.