Chemical and Materials Sciences – Developments and Innovations Vol. 3

Prof. (Dr.) Aysun Turkmen
Giresun University, Türkiye.

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Prof. (Dr.) Aysun Turkmen




B P International



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978-81-974582-7-9 (Print)
978-81-974582-1-7 (eBook)


June 14, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Prof. (Dr.) Aysun Turkmen

Giresun University, Türkiye.

This book covers key areas of chemical and materials sciences. The contributions by the authors include waste management, use of metals and ores, hazardous waste, filizchay mining and metallurgical complex, hydrothermal extraction, synthetic gas, organic component, coal gasification, thermal degradation, degradative elimination, flame retardant synthesis, radical fragmentation, organophosphorus compounds, transport mechanism, tour wire nanostructure, green’s function, molecular electronics, Zn metal powder; zinc ferrite; transparent low fire glaze, color shades of fired glaze, anthranilic acid, anti-inflammatory agents, spasmolytic activity, DFT calculations, atomic force microscopy, visible spectroscopy, borate single crystals, acoustoelectronics, spray pyrolysis, optical properties, X-ray diffraction, polycrystalline nature of the films, antimicrobial polymers, biocidal-releasing polymers, antimicrobial polymer blends, colloidal silver nanoparticles. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and academicians in the fields of chemical and materials sciences.