Coping with Demanding Situations, Social Intelligence and Personality of a Manager

Daniel Lajcin
Department of Management and Economics, DTI University, Dubnica and Vahom, Slovakia.

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Daniel Lajcin




B P International



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978-81-19315-35-2 (Print)
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July 03, 2023

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Daniel Lajcin

Department of Management and Economics, DTI University, Dubnica and Vahom, Slovakia.

Prediction of human behavior is one of the essential requirements of practice in relation to scientific disciplines. In the context of work, one of the most important factors is the managerial position. The effective work of managers is significantly related to the development of the entire system, which includes a continuum from a specific person, through the organization, to the growth of the entire company. On its quality depends not only the fulfillment of the needs of the managers themselves, but also the fulfillment of the needs of their colleagues, subordinates, the needs of the organization in which they work, and, as we have already mentioned, also the fulfillment of the needs of the entire company. They are managers who not only manage specific processes, but also provide strategic visions for the future and thus ensure the development and progress of the entire company system.

Selection of people for managerial positions is therefore one of the most important activities that we encounter in the organization. It is necessarily based on exact, sophisticated procedures that enable the prediction of successful managerial work. Predictors include a varied mosaic of different characteristics, indicators and are represented by requirements for education, work experience and personality traits. The solution to the problem of prediction of managerial behavior is closely related to the efficiency of the work of managers, one of the essential questions to which attention is paid in the context of managerial work.

In this publication, on the basis of the presentation of theoretical and methodological knowledge related to managerial work, the questions of predicting the behavior of managers when coping with demanding situations are solved from the point of view of selected attributes of social intelligence and personality traits of managers. Readers can familiarize themselves with the results of the research project with an emphasis on measuring the ways of coping with demanding situations, social intelligence and the personality of the manager in the conditions of managerial work. The aim of the monograph is, based on the theoretical development of the issue, to enrich knowledge and to contribute, both theoretically and methodologically, to solving the problems of predicting the management of demanding situations in the context of managerial work. The project of the research part of the monograph is aimed at specifying the links between social intelligence, personality traits and ways of coping with demanding situations in managerial work.

Knowledge about the WBMW questionnaire, the CSI and COPE methodologies, which make it possible to predict the behavior of managers in demanding situations, is presented to experts from practice, as well as to the general public. At the same time, the publication also provides knowledge about the use of other methodologies aimed at identifying and specifying selected personality traits of managers, which are related to coping with demanding situations. In the publication, the IAS methodology for determining the interpersonal traits of managers and the Big Five methodology, which allows managers to be characterized on the basis of five essential, general dimensions of personality are also presented. Readers can also familiarize themselves with the TSIS and MESI methodologies, which can be used to determine the attributes of managers’ social intelligence.

The whole concept of the publication is based on specifying the links between the selected antecedents and consequents, that is, on the results of analyses between personality traits, social intelligence and ways of coping with demanding situations by managers. The research results presented in the publication acquaint the readers with more theoretical and methodological knowledge, but also with their practical application in managerial work. The author of the publication believes that the knowledge presented will enrich the knowledge of the professional and lay public and will contribute not only to increasing the efficiency of managerial work, but also to understanding the position of a manager, both in terms of the necessary prerequisites for performing this position, as well as in terms of the difficulties that managers have to overcome.