Current Innovations in Chemical and Materials Sciences Vol. 9

Dr. Ho Soon Min
INTI International University, Malaysia.

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Dr. Ho Soon Min




B P International



ISBN-13 (15)

978-81-972870-3-9 (Print)
978-81-972870-1-5 (eBook)


May 01, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Ho Soon Min

INTI International University, Malaysia.

This book covers key areas of chemical and materials sciences. The contributions by the authors include nano-crystalline tricalcium silicate bio-cement, antibacterial activity, solid-state reaction, sol-gel approach, 2,3-triazole-acetaminophen hybrids, commercial acetaminophen tablets, in-silico adme-tox properties, Huisgen reaction-based method, quinoline derivatives, multidrug resistance, back propagation neural networks, decision trees, k-nearest neighbors, toluene di-isocyanate, gelling catalyst, flexible polyurethane foam, metal matrix composites, boron carbide, oil-hardened non-shrinking, tribological investigations, response surface analysis, aromatic acetamides derivatives, aromatic iodination reaction, microwave technique, organometallic reagents, molybdenum ditelluride, transition metal dichalcogenides, field-effect transistors, hexagonal boron nitride, charge transfer, pyrazole moiety, acetic acid, vilsmeier-haack reagent, knoevenagel condensation, ferrotoroidial properties, quasi-crystals, tensor-tensor relations, rotational symmetries, plastic pollutants, microplastics, environmental pollution, black sea. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and  academicians in the field chemical and materials sciences.