Current Perspective to Physical Science Research Vol. 5

Prof. Khalil Kassmi
Mohamed Premier University, Morocco.

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Prof. Khalil Kassmi




B P International



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978-81-969009-0-8 (Print)
978-81-969009-3-9 (eBook)


January 01, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Prof. Khalil Kassmi

Mohamed Premier University, Morocco.

This book covers key areas of physical science research. The contributions by the authors include attractive-repulsive vector-tensor theories, gravity theories, spherical symmetry, general relativity, lambda cold dark matter model, viscosity, surface tension, refractive index, gas chromatography, intramolecular power, potential energy functions, kinetic energy, electromagnetic modeling, magnetic flux density, superconducting magnets, scalar magnetic potential, boundary conditions, coefficient of thermal expansion, dielectric mixture formulae, gas turbines, combined cycle unit, thermal power plants, generation model; parity violation, Einstein’s general theory, relativity theory, quantum theory, particle physics, Jets and outflows, winds-outflows, radiation mechanisms, Lorentz/Poincaré transform, Terell-Penrose rotation, analogue modelling; anisotropy paradox; azimuthal geoelectric measurements; fissure direction determination; pluri-directional fissure system. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of physical science research.