Cutting-edge Research in Agricultural Sciences Vol. 13

Dr. Kristina Mastanjevic, (Editor)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of food technology, University of Osijek, Croatia.

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Dr. Kristina Mastanjevic




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978-93-91473-62-4 (Print)
978-93-91473-86-0 (eBook)


August 31, 2021

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Kristina Mastanjević

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Food Technology, University of Osijek, Croatia.

This book covers key areas of agricultural sciences. The contributions by the authors include promoting agencies and facilitating agencies, local community development; Planning, Participation; Participatory rural appraisal; Rural population; policy reform, phytotoxicity; banana micropropagation, irrigation; practices; soils and assessments, digital mapping; remote sensing; GIS; land management, drip irrigation; fertigation; subsurface drip irrigation; water use efficiency, crop physiology; crop productivity; crop management; seed priming; inter simple sequence repeat, genetic polymorphisms, amplification, weather variability, solar dryer; radiation; moisture content; sun drying; postharvest technology. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of agricultural sciences.


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