Insights into Economics and Management Vol. 1

Dr. Fang Xiang, (Editor)
Visiting Professor, International Business School, University of International and Business Economics, China.

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Dr. Fang Xiang




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978-93-90149-73-5 (Print)
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Sep 25, 2020

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Fang Xiang

Visiting Professor, International Business School, University of International and Business Economics, China.

This book covers all areas of economics and management. The contributions by the authors include globalization, manufacturing, business cycle, peak-load pricing, output-rate flexibility, currency manipulation, dumping, local taxes, education choice, endogeneity, customer revisit intention, consumer satisfaction, coupon discount rate, demotion cost, price elasticity of demand, consumer behavior, market, moving out profitable products to new division, low level of quality and productivity pinched production, high level of rework throughout factory caused delayed deliveries, launched integrated QPC enhancement programme, successful implementation led to remaining in profit within 3 years, prime product not earning profit, demanded intervention from corporate technology and quality, started with investigation of unknown, zero defect in manufacturing achieved in 3 phases, rework nosedived to near zero, all round improvement of Q, P, C that resulted in earning decent profit accompanied by sharp rise in market share, consumer product, initially earned profit, but once it slipped into loss, organisation transformed into profit making after crossing breakeven point, surveillance audit discovery, glaring fact of delayed deliveries, value added audit technique practiced, paradigm shift of performance within 6 months, evidence-based recruitment, engineering career, sciences and mathematics, marketing model, customer relationship management, customer retention strategies, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, microfinance, loan default, Sri Lanka, Matugama Divisional Secretariat, developing country, learning models, organizational culture, Texaco, chevron, Examination, COVID-19, impact, industry, response strategy etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics and management.


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