New Horizons in Education and Social Studies Vol. 9

Dr. Bakare Kazeem Kayode, (Editor)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Al-Medina International University, Malaysia.

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Dr. Bakare Kazeem Kayode




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978-93-90516-57-5 (Print)
978-93-90516-65-0 (eBook)


Feb 27, 2021

This book covers key areas of education and social studies. The contributions by the authors include language endangerment, lexical borrowing, neologism, country emissions, economic development, emissions growth, capitalism, human capital, economics, capitalist economy, character education, instructional model, integrated instructional approach, expert consensus, parental involvement, fuzzy delphi techniques, traders emotions, trading psychology, crowd behavior, collaborative trading engineering, mob psychology, markets mentality, probabilistic-determinism in mind, dual state of mind, cartesian-like dualism, Corpus analysis, court judgments, macrostructural analysis, virtual merchandising, symbolic interaction theory, virtual shopping, bilingual education, verbal generalizations, cognitive development theories, neoliberalism. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of education and social Studies.


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