New Visions in Biological Science Vol. 6

Dr. Telat Yanik, (Editor)
Professor, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Atatürk University, Turkey.

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Dr. Telat Yanik




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978-93-5547-222-9 (Print)
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November 11, 2021

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Telat Yanik

Professor, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Ataturk University, Turkey.

This book covers key areas of Biological Science. The contributions by the authors include viral respiratory infections, pandemics, epidemics, influenza virus, human rhinovirus, human respiratory-syncytial virus, Growth rate, high yield, monosex, sustainable development, Fungicide, GST, cholinesterase, biomarkers, toxicity, mitochondrion, chloroplast, mitoplastide genome, proto-eukaryot, photosynthetic organisms, methemoglobin assay, histology, dental caries, herbal toothpaste, antimicrobial activity, primary production, zooplankton, Genetic diversity, genotype, hybridization, taxonomy, pollination, haemolymph, antifungal activity pathogens, allelopathy, seed germination, seedling growth, germination efficiency, chemical constituents. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Biological Science


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