Newest Updates in Physical Science Research Vol. 13

Dr. Sebahattin Tüzemen, (Editor)
Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Atatürk University, Turkey.

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Dr. Sebahattin Tüzemen




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978-93-91595-25-8 (Print)
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August 05, 2021

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Sebahattin Tüzemen

Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Atatürk University, Turkey.

This book covers key areas of physical science research. The contributions by the authors include artificial-intelligence, cognition theory, potential transmission, action potential, brain matrix, physical phenomena, atoms, system biology, biological network, toggle switch, stochasticity, special relativity, time dilation, length contraction, applied physics, cantor set, Lebesgue measure, iterated function system, Barnsley-Hutchison multifunction and Markov operator, renewable energy sources, fuel cells, isolated full bridge boost converter and controllers, steady state, Newtonian mechanics, observational studies, kinematics, physical phenomenon, inelastic collision, two-dimensional dynamics, carbon monoxide production and utilization by plants, tunable diode laser, gas analysis, plant microcosm, real-time monitoring, big bang theory, universe, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, redshift, high-resolution absorption spectra, near-infrared spectral region, tunable diode lasers, light-fidelity, wireless networks, data security. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of physical science research.


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