Novel Aspects on Chemistry and Biochemistry Vol. 1

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The scope of this book covers all aspects  of Pure and Applied chemistry including Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Molecular biology and Genetics, Inorganic chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, Materials chemistry, Chemistry of solids, liquids, polymers and interfaces between different phases, Neurochemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Modern transmutation, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Phytochemistry, Polymer chemistry, Supramolecular and Macromolecular chemistry, Chemical thermodynamics, Chemical kinetics, Electrochemistry, Statistical mechanics, Spectroscopy, Astrochemistry and Cosmochemistry, Quantum chemistry and Theoretical chemistry. Articles are also invited in the following areas: Sonochemistry, Agrochemistry, Atmospheric chemistry, Chemical engineering, Chemical biology, Chemo-informatics, Electrochemistry, Femtochemistry, Geochemistry, Green chemistry, Histochemistry, Immunochemistry, Marine chemistry,  Mechanochemistry, Nanotechnology, Natural product chemistry, Oenology, Petrochemistry, Pharmacology, Photochemistry, Radiochemistry, Synthetic chemistry, Kinetics and mechanisms of chemical reactions, Thermochemistry, Chemistry in industry and interactions between chemistry and environment, Applied Biochemistry; Biochemistry of Cell Metabolism and the Endocrine System; Structures, Functions And Dynamics Of Metabolic Pathways; Cellular Components Such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic Acids And Other Biologically Active Molecules; Bioenergetics; Biochemical Mechanisms; Genetic Code (DNA, RNA); Protein Synthesis; Cell Membrane Transport and Signal Transduction; Industrial Applications of Biochemistry Like Food and Chemical Toxicology and Pharmacology.


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