Promising Estimations in the Statistical Information about the Technical Investigations

Kirill Voinov
ITMO University, Russia.

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Kirill Voinov




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May 04, 2021

About The Author / Editor

Kirill Voinov

ITMO University, Russia.

In this book author gave very many versions how to depict different processes connected with wear and tear. But using this algorithm we can correctly describe another processes linked with the results of experiments or investigations.

Changing parameters in formulas the researcher can get quickly both the right equation and the results of the approximation for the different physical processes.

Potentially, working with this programme you’ll get the base of any statistical data which can help to find the right formula and chart representation for your statistical information. For this it is only needed to put your dots from the measurements on the charts which you had prepared in advance to get right result and to make the right conclusion.

At last there is the new recommendation how using only very small amount of investigation (about three or five points of observation) the researchers can obtain the right conclusion without such actions as to determine the law of distribution and criteria which can be accepted into account.


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