Recent Developments in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 1

Dr. Pietro Scicchitano, (Editor)
Department of Cardiology, Hospital “F. Perinei” Altamura (BA), Italy.

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Dr. Pietro Scicchitano




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978-93-5547-077-5 (Print)
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October 01, 2021

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Pietro Scicchitano

Department of Cardiology, Hospital “F. Perinei” Altamura (BA), Italy.

This book covers key areas of medicine and medical research. The contributions by the authors include microdermabrasion, intralesional steroid, aluminium oxide crystals, exclamation marks, cardiac PR-interval, Cardiac QT-interval, electrical cardiac systole, palpitations, tachycardias, Sudden cardiac death,  snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic unreduced shoulder dislocation, neglected dislocation, conservative shoulder treatment, open shoulder reduction, bone marrow cells, fibrosis, electromagnetic radiation, apoptosis, cells “lifespan”, isolated hepatomegaly, liver abscess, congestive cardiac failure, hepatocellular carcinoma, Ischemic heart disease, radionuclide imaging, gastric cancer, bone metastasis, repeated biopsy, lung cancer, tumor characterization, traumatic fibroma, fosfomycin, disc – diffusion, agar dilution, nutrigenomics, nutrition, periodontal disease, nutrient-gene interactions, manual liquid based cytology, cervix, immunomarkers, conventional Pap smear, meningitis, epidemics, Neisseria meningitides, neurons, artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, prototypes, Human MGMT gene, mobile genetic elements, composite cluster structures, regulatory elements, promoter, alternative promoters, Skincare products, nanoparticle. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of medicine and medical research.


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