This book covers key areas of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Material Science, Astronomy, Natural Science, Earth Sciences and other related fields. The contributions by the authors include Fundamental physics, Applied physics, Atomic, molecular and Optical physics, Nuclear and Particle physics, Astrophysics and Physical cosmology, Artificial intelligence, Neural processing, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Plasma physics, Biophysics, Econophysics, Geophysics, Neurophysics, Psychophysics, Wireless and Optical communications, Quantum mechanics, Materials science, Nanotechnology and Engineering, Energy and Fuels, Environmental science, Electronics, Embedded systems, Signal processing, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Neurochemistry, Combinatorial chemistry, Molecular therapeutics, Geochemistry and Metallurgy. This book is a valuable addition to the existing knowledge and is especially intended for university students and all professionals in the field of Physical science.

Recent Volume

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