B P International

Pre-Publication Services

Step 1: Plagiarism Checking

Step 2: Reference Validation

Step 3: Review by reviewers and Peer review comments will be delivered to the author

Step 4: Improvement and Revision by the author

Step 5: Review and Acceptance of the revised manuscript by the book editor

Step 6: Text orientation, Type Setting, Galley Proof preparation

Step 7: Delivery of the Galley Proof to the author

Step 8: Review and Approval of the Galley Proof by the author

Step 9: Pagination and Book structure finalization by the section editors of the book

Step 10: Cover page design by the graphic designer

Step 11: Print and Online ISBN approval from the Government department

Step 12: DOI uploading and Approval for the book and book chapters

Step 13: Web page design for the book release

Step 14: Final publication of the book on the internet.