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Prices for International Customers (Other than India)

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Prices for International* Customers (Book Chapter)


Prices for International* Customers (Complete Book)


1. USD price is applicable for all international customers. For free shipping service ‘Normal Government Air-Mail’ is used. If any customer wants delivery by premium courier services like DHL, FedEx, etc, then additional payment is required.

2. If normal Govt. postal service is not available for any specific country or geographic location (for war, political disturbance, pandemic, etc), then paid delivery by premium courier services like DHL, FedEx, etc will be applicable. Customers have to pay additional payment for premium courier services.

3. These prices are applicable for books up to 250 pages.

*As per the policy of the publisher International customer will be defined as customers with International affiliation (other than India)

Current price is effective from 27 November, 2023
Second price revision on 26 November, 2023
First price revision on 16 November, 2021