Contemporary Research in Business, Management and Economics Vol. 6

Dr. Maria Ciurea
University of Petrosani, Romania.

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Dr. Maria Ciurea




B P International



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978-81-973053-2-0 (Print)
978-81-973053-1-3 (eBook)


May 03, 2024

About The Author / Editor

Dr. Maria Ciurea

University of Petrosani, Romania.

This book covers key areas of business, management and economics. The contributions by the authors include financial reporting standards, globalization, culture across the borders, foreign institutional investment, performance of staff, employee productivity, employee motivation, microfinance industry, job satisfaction, digital alliance, digital awareness kiosks, sustainable development, cybersecurity challenges, enterprise resource planning, covid-19 pandemic, antibacterial fabric, economic growth, socioeconomic changes, multi-factor productivity, nominal rate of assistance, effective rate of assistance, trade liberalization, Ricardian theory, single equation export model, corporate governance, banking assets, public trust, regulatory frameworks, sustainable supply chain management, Safaricom’s SSCM practices, stakeholder salience, stakeholder power, esg, risk coefficient, screening of investment, multi-stakeholders. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and  academicians in the field business, management and economics.